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How to “Crush School”

July 20, 2016

by Mindprint Staff There’s a new book coming out this month, that might just have the missing ingredient to increase student motivation and efficiency. The author, Oskar Cymerman, is a high school chemistry teacher. If you have any doubt of his ability to understand and motivate teenagers, just know that this year he will become the first teacher in his school to “Starbucks” his classroom. Here are excerpts from our conversation with Oskar about his forthcoming book: Mindprint: Why did you decide to write your book “Crush School”? Oskar: I wrote the book to help students learn how to learn. As teachers, we tell students how to learn or study, and while many of these strategies are effective, we rarely… Read More

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Mindprint Exclusive: Math Word Problem Tip Sheet

July 20, 2016

Getting started on a word problem can feel overwhelming. For some students, it’s too many words, too many numbers all at once. Use this list to help your student identify the key words that will provide important clues about which operations they will need to use. It also includes ways to identify “hidden numbers.”  

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Our Favorites: Unique Apps & Games

July 12, 2016

We know you are always looking for what’s new, different and fun to keep kids learning and entertained. Bookmark this page as we regularly update this list of board games, apps, and websites we love that you might not hear about anywhere else. And because we’ve always got each child’s unique needs in mind, we highlight the features that will be most important in deciding if it will be a good fit for each kid. Ukloo Game Why We Like It: Ukloo works as a treasure hunt in which players read and solve riddles to get to the next riddle, and ultimately reach a surprise that the parent chooses. This game has children moving around the house while exercising important logic and reasoning… Read More

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Sports Success: Why Cognitive Skills Might Be the Key

July 6, 2016

Do you have a kid that seems to have all the key ingredients for sports success: athleticism, interest and motivation? Yet he still isn’t making the “A team” or the coach is “surprised at his lack of progress”. Perhaps it’s time to consider if some of those same executive function skills that affect classroom performance might be interfering with his playing. Listening. Does the coach need to call your kid’s name in the group to make sure she’s listening? If your child doesn’t actively listen to the coach, she’s probably not absorbing as much feedback as her teammates. And chances are, she’s making mistakes as a result. Why doesn’t she listen? The first thing to check is your child’s hearing. If she can hear you just fine, you might… Read More


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Mindprint Exclusive: Ideas for Reluctant Writers

June 29, 2016

In today’s digital world, both in business and in our personal lives, we often communicate more through writing than through face-to-face contact. The ability to write clearly and effectively is considered to be one of the most important workforce skills. How we present ourselves in writing has a direct impact on how others form opinions of us. Although reading is an important aspect of developing good writing skills, the best way to improve writing will always be through writing. Writing is a complex process that involves the interplay of many skills. So if you have a reluctant writer, you first will want to rule out a specific problem that might be holding them back, like fine motor skills or difficulties with working memory… Read More

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