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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Does Your Child Have the Skills for the World Economic Forum’s “4th Industrial Revolution”?

January 28, 2016

By Mindprint Staff A new report out of the World Economic Forum last month says that over one-third of the most important workplace skills will change over the next five years. That’s a rate of change that we know our schools can’t possibly keep up with. So what’s a concerned parent to do? Not panic for starters. Parents who are pleased with their own child’s school (and surveys show that 75% of parents are satisfied) need first and foremost to continue to support their children’s academic learning. Historically, schools have focused on teaching students content knowledge, leaving career skills for on-the-job training. It’s not necessarily the wrong approach. Foundation skills such as vocabulary, reading comprehension, math, and factual knowledge in history, science and social studies are the essential building blocks for… Read More

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7 Common Reasons for Test Anxiety and What You Can Do About It

January 11, 2016

  Most students struggle with test anxiety. A little bit of test anxiety is good. It provides the positive adrenaline needed to work quickly. But too much stress produces a full rush of hormones that interferes with the ability to think clearly, access memory and fully demonstrate what you know. If test anxiety is a problem, read on for the seven most common reasons for test anxiety and what you can do about it. The very first step is to recognize that the reasons for test anxiety are different for every student. The trick is to figure out which one is the reason for your child’s test anxiety, and then begin to address it. Subject-Specific Anxiety: Sometimes kids develop test anxiety around one subject but not another, similar to how they… Read More

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