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Topic Archives: Listening & Following Directions

Sports Success: Why Cognitive Skills Might Be the Key

July 6, 2016

Do you have a kid that seems to have all the key ingredients for sports success: athleticism, interest and motivation? Yet he still isn’t making the “A team” or the coach is “surprised at his lack of progress”. Perhaps it’s time to consider if some of those same executive function skills that affect classroom performance might be interfering with his playing. Listening. Does the coach need to call your kid’s name in the group to make sure she’s listening? If your child doesn’t actively listen to the coach, she’s probably not absorbing as much feedback as her teammates. And chances are, she’s making mistakes as a result. Why doesn’t she listen? The first thing to check is your child’s hearing. If she can hear you just fine, you might… Read More

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A cellphone for the holidays?

November 19, 2015

CAUTION: If your child is begging you for a cellphone and you aren’t quite ready to give in, you might not want your child to read the following post!  By Mindprint Staff Parents of elementary-aged children always ask about the “right age” for a cellphone. And all parents wonder about what rules to set. Given the enormous amount of negative publicity around adolescent cellphone use, much of it rightfully earned, the hesitancy around giving a child a cellphone is understandable. A quick scan through our collection of articles on media privacy & usage should provide you with all the cautionary advice you need. However, much less discussed are the potential benefits of having a cellphone. And these benefits can extend well beyond knowing when your child is… Read More

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Know your Child: Abstract Reasoning

December 9, 2014

This week, we continue our series on cognitive skills. Perhaps one of the most fascinating, abstract reasoning serves students well as they face challenges in school and in life.  How the experts define abstract reasoning This complex reasoning skill refers to one’s ability to draw inferences and analyze information involving objects, images, space or numbers. You may hear it called non-verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, or abstract math reasoning. In the shoes of a child with an abstract reasoning weakness The child with weak abstract reasoning skills often has the feeling of being lost in a big city without a map. Give this child clear directions, and it’s not a problem. Ask this child to use a combination of logic and intuition… Read More

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