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Topic: self-monitoring

How to Get Kids to Do What You Want

February 15, 2017

Without question the best way to get kids, all kids, to do what you want them to do is… Let them choose. If this is a new concept to you and you are dealing with a teenager I’m not going to guarantee it will work the first time. However, after a few trials you are likely to discover why this approach, while perhaps against our most visceral impulses, is far more effective than asking, telling or demanding a child to do what you want. Why it works? Quite simply, choice empowers. When students choose, they take responsibility, and when they take responsibility they follow through. Glorious isn’t it? Ok, so it doesn’t always work perfectly. But as you get more comfortable letting… Read More


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Where We Go from Here (35 Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset)

November 15, 2016

by Mindprint Staff We get better. As parents and teachers, our path to better is often through the love and laughter of our children. On the other hand, children model the behavior of the grown-ups around them. Our children are watching. We need to mirror the mindset we want them to have, if they are to become the grown-ups that will make the world a better place. Educators know the power of growth mindset, or the fundamental importance of having a positive attitude and response to our successes as well as our disappointments. Now more than ever is the time for adults to model growth mindset. Yes, we are facing many big issues that might feel insurmountable. However, if we want the world to get better we can start small, or at least with the small… Read More


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The Hidden Value in High-Stakes Tests

October 10, 2016

by Mindprint Staff Yes it’s easy to question if there’s any real value to standardized tests, especially if you have a stressed out teen studying for the ACT. High-stakes admissions tests aside, there is plenty of value in standardized tests IF we use them in the right way. The unfortunate reality is they are more often used for inclusion/exclusion or passing judgment rather than identifying how we can help kids succeed. Here’s what we can and should do to change that, one child at a time. The Classic Under-Achiever. Do you have a kid who does well on standardized tests but can’t seem to perform in class? Let’s unlock that potential! Start with the understanding that every kid wants to succeed, no one does well on tests by… Read More


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