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Join our growing network of tutors and support professionals that use Mindprint to improve the quality of their services in test prep (ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT), academic tutoring and executive functions coaching. Using Mindprint enables you to know your students’ learning strengths and needs from the moment you start working together so you can be more effective at: 

Test Prep: Understand the why behind diagnostic performance, choose the best test for the student, and create a study plan

Academic Tutoring: Make gains from the very first session when you know how your student learns best

Study Skills Development: Teach the most effective study strategies and time management skills based on the student’s unique combination of strengths and needs

Efficient and Effective Tutor Matching: Eliminate the guesswork on which students will work well with which tutor. Go beyond observable personality traits to match students with the right fit tutor from the start

Learning Support: If you are a certified clinician who work with students with learning differences, IEPs and 504 Plans, Mindprint’s granular assessment data is available to support your bright but struggling learners.

Read more about how Mindprint enables you to help your students succeed. Or, read one of 250+ peer-reviewed journal articles on the efficacy of our solution.

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