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Topic: reading comprehension

Reversing Declines in Reading Scores in Middle and High School

January 22, 2018

It’s a common concern that only one-third of fourth graders’ reading scores are at grade level. A lesser known statistic is that despite remediation and intervention, 66% of students aren’t reading at grade level in 8th grade. This latter statistic suggests two important findings: For many students, the effects of elementary school reading remediation efforts aren’t long lasting; and Many students who are fine readers in elementary school aren’t continuing to develop at an appropriate rate The implications of poor reading skills are well-known and well-documented, affecting every aspect of adult life. Why do students show reading declines in middle and high school (even if they are fine elementary readers)? A strikingly high number of reading problems are not discovered until middle… Read More

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Verbal Reasoning Skills: The Most Important Academic Skill

December 9, 2014

What is Verbal Reasoning? Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand what you read or hear. It includes drawing inferences from limited information and developing an understanding of how it connects to other ideas. We use verbal reasoning in and out of school. Not surprisingly, it is the skill most closely tied to academic success. Why is Verbal Reasoning important? Verbal reasoning is important in just about everything a student does in school. Starting from kindergarten when students must listen and follow directions, students need a good command of language. Verbal demands increase as students are learning to read, and, of course, are critical in 3rd grade and beyond as they are most often expected to read to learn. As you might guess, verbal… Read More


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