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  • Mindprint reveals your child’s learning strengths & needs.

    Like a fingerprint, a Mindprint is unique to each child.
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  • Our assessment is used by NASA and leading universities.

    Mindprint’s scientifically valid online, at-home assessment identifies skills at the root of a child’s learning challenges.
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  • ~70% of learning issues are first detected by parents.

    All research shows early action is key to your child’s success. Our simple strategies can make an enormous difference. Act now.
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  • Does your child need more stimulation?
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    Does your child need extra support but the school says your child is fine?
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    Do you wonder why some concepts come easily to your child and others less so?
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That's the Mindprint Equation. That's the Mindprint Equation.

That's the Mindprint equation.

In a one size fits all world, our experts determine how your children learn best so they can be their best.

We get it. Great minds don’t think alike.

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